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Why IELTS Academic is preferred?

The verdict is out on the importance of IELTS Academic. The steady acceleration of people opting for IELTS Academic shows it is one of the principal tools to evaluate the ability of a person to use and understand English as an academic language. IELTS primarily evaluates the capability of non-English speaking candidates, willing to pursue higher education in English-speaking nations.

IELTS is an essential appraising yardstick and can be looked upon as one of the standardized criteria for admission. Officially, the score obtained are effective for a period of two years.

Importance of IELTS Academic in Overseas Education 

If your dream is to embark upon pursuing higher studies with an overseas university essentially English speaking in nature, IELTS becomes one of its inseparable constituents. Whether you want to pursue Sciences or study Architecture course, you have to have a face-off with IELTS. It throws light on your capability to use and comprehend English especially in the areas of reading, speaking, listening and writing. 

Besides the United Kingdom and United States of America as many as 130 nations rely on this test for evaluation. The fact remains that the measuring pattern guides the admission scheme of as many as ten thousand universities and that in itself speaks volumes about its globalized importance.

Along with paper-based, IELTS is a now a computer-delivered test as well, designed to assess the essential cognitive ability of foreign speakers.

Strategies for IELTS preparation

In order to give your best, it is important that you enroll for the best IELTS classes in Dubai. The purpose of such classes is to smoothen out your admission process.

1. Make sure you know the score requirement for your chosen university
2. Sign up for IELTS Test Prep with Amourion Training Institute
3. Do a lot of Speaking and Writing topics before the IELTS
4. Take notes during the IELTS Listening as the clips are not repeated
5. Practice IELTS Reading with a timer on
6. Incorporate (more) English into your daily life

Why choose Amourion?

We are recognized as a leader in providing academic and corporate training to a diverse range of people. We cater to large groups or individual students and make your experience an unforgettable one. Our customizable multi-day courses are designed to provide what many of our students require for their test preparation. With a robust catalogue of courses to select from that are delivered by a team of professional trainers at our center, online, or blended, we are the right choice.


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