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Know the importance of your LNAT score

Have you considered the importance of your LNAT score before applying to universities? You should have, by now. Your LNAT score and essay are part of the requirements most universities ask for. The National Admissions for Law (LNAT) test is an admission aptitude test designed to measure the intellectual abilities of students rather than their knowledge regarding a particular subject. LNAT test preparation courses provided by Amourion Training Institute help candidates and students applying to abroad universities for Law courses in understanding the LNAT exam requirements and how to prepare.
What Do You Learn?
LNAT course is a two-part test of multiple choice-based questions on passages of text, and an essay. The exam comprises two sections:
A. Which is a computer-based multiple-choice exam, and;
B. Where a student or candidate is asked to write an essay from a list of three subjects proposed to them
Students and candidates applying to universities for undergraduate Law studies are taken through the LNAT prep requirements to assess their critical reasoning and comprehension strategies. This LNAT preparation includes free course materials and Law practice essay questions that actually challenge the students’ ability to develop the sought-after skills right before sitting the actual test.
When Can I Apply?
Anytime, anywhere in the UAE, you can apply.
If you are a student intending to apply for undergraduate, you can enroll for LNAT training with our Dubai-based tuition center. Amourion is a popular LNAT training in Dubai, and has the most suitable LNAT tuition in Dubai. Based on your needs and requirements for the LNAT test prep, we accept applicants year-round depending on your LNAT. Score high with our highly trained and KHDA accredited trainers who will help you stand out and show your aptitude for studying undergraduate law.
We offer flexible timing for your LNAT preparation classes in Dubai, and also provide students with comprehensive test resources and additional worksheets that guarantee their success in scoring high marks for their LNAT exams.
Our team of professionals possess a combined 20 years of knowledge in LNAT. Our unmatched ability to help students get better results is incomparable to other institutions of training in Dubai. We’ve delivered the best LNAT tuition for over 12 years and we believe that by improving and helping you (the student) score the highest grades for admission; we can make you proud.
For more information about LNAT tuition in Dubai, make a quick inquiry and one of our support representatives will get back with feedback.


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