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Education Coffee Breaks....By Dr Anil Khare

When you think about it, an education-coffee break might just be the perfect solution for someone who is struggling with school work. How many times have you been given a deadline to complete your assignment and you can't even get started? Maybe you are supposed to write an essay, but you don't know what the topic should be or what to write about. What do you do?

If you are like most people, then the answer is to take a coffee break. You can take this short break and then continue on with your task. This way, you have more time to finish all of your work and you aren't distracted by what's going on around you. It can give you extra motivation to get your work done.

Many schools offer education coffee breaks throughout the school year. You can even get discounts on them if you book ahead of time. You may find that you are only required to bring your book, laptop, and perhaps your cell phone. Most schools require you to be there from fifteen to twenty minutes, but you can choose how long you want to stay. You may also find that you are not allowed to sit in on the actual lecture but are instead asked to participate in group discussions or answer questions.

There are some perks to getting a coffee break. For one thing, you can easily relieve stress, which can be a problem during a long, drawn-out class. Not only that, but it can help you get into the mood to learn and get your assignments completed. You can use this time to catch up on work, talk to friends, or just relax.

There are a few things that you can do when you take an education coffee break to really maximize its effectiveness. First, you need to make sure that you have your grounding papers with you. In fact, it is very easy to lose track of them as you go about your day, so try to bring a notebook with you. If you forget the notes, you will have something to keep you motivated.

Try to spend most of your break reading instead of doing any work. By reading you are less likely to feel pressured, and more likely to get your work done faster and at the same time be able to relax and do something else. It can seem counter-intuitive that you would want to be more productive, but this works especially well if you are taking a break from classes for an unrelated reason such as a vacation. Try to choose one topic or book that you will read for at least 30 minutes without any distractions.

Finally, try to get into the habit of not eating lunch so that you can focus on your work. Most people have a tendency to eat while they are at school. But when you are done eating, your brain needs a chance to process all of the food that you just ate. If you force yourself to eat right before you go to class, your body will be more likely to shut down. So, by forcing yourself not to eat at lunchtime, you will give your mind time to work without it being distracted by a full belly.

While an education coffee break can definitely benefit you, it is important that you practice good self discipline while you are on the breaks. You need to take care of yourself, because the rest of your time at work is not up to snuff. You cannot afford to let bad habits take over so that when you get back to work, you are defeated and have nothing left to show for it. So, be disciplined, take care of yourself, and you should have no problems getting your work done while you are on the breaks.


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