At we are dedicated to guarding the privacy of all our members worldwide. The site will not automatically gather essential information and data about an individual without their consent. In as much as you care about your privacy, we are obliged to keep your privacy at all times. The information collected is for clearer responses and communication between you and the training institute. You have the right to access your own collected information. The privacy policy serves to describe how Amourion Training Institute collects, uses and shares service-related information.

Types of collected information

Most information we gather do not identify you personally whether it is your email address, demographic information or zip code. To be able to give a correct response in line with your requirements we are going to need the following information.

Contact information is needed for effective communication in case you need to know more about one of our programs, or about ongoing offers, so that we can directly send it to you to have full information.

The information you post on our website will be kept to track the communication between you and our institute and to give a satisfactory response. Bank details will be required, as are billing and shipping addresses.


In some cases, our website may need to collect information about you for e-commerce transactions to facilitate easy payment methods at any time. Amourion Training Institute has legit relationships with different kinds of banks to allow easy transaction flow between you and the institute. However, this information will only be used with your permission when you need to make any payments online.

Why We Need Your Information

Amourion Training Institute needs your information so that we will be able to provide appropriate customer services. In order to give you continuous response that is efficient, we also want to improve our products and services using the information that you give us to customize these services and products according to your preference. We will use your information for content marketing other products and services that we have.

Sharing of information

Please note that we may share information with only your consent. Your information that you supply us may be shared with third parties like the couriers or postal companies for the sake of delivering study material or anything that may need us to send to you. Your information can also be shared with our funders in case they need a survey and to know the actual number of people we are dealing with. This will all happen with your consent.

Use of Cookies

We may use cookies to track the number of people who visit our site, with your consent. However, the data collected never includes names, user names, email address or bank details which is to protect our clients at all times. If you are not comfortable with this you can always opt-out by turning off the cookies.

Privacy Policy Review

Please be advised that the privacy policy may be changed and you will be updated if there is any need to do that. As our valued clients know that you will be asked if you understand and accept our privacy policy if you do not agree with the policy you may exit the website.

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