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5 mistakes that made you fail your IELTS Examination

Based on our vast experience, we know the common mistakes the students commit that lead them to score low bands in IELTS. We are writing this piece for not only those who have tried the exam and failed to achieve their target band but also for beginners so that they can avoid these mistakes and ace the exam in one go.


Grammatical & Spelling mistakes

The autocorrect option in phones, and apps have made us lazy. We are guilty of not paying attention to spelling while writing and relying on autocorrect to identify and correct the mistakes. Many IELTS aspirants need to use a supportive app to improve their spelling skills. The same goes for grammar that we learned during our foundation years. The solution is to attempt spelling and grammar-based tests to know how much effort you need for improvement. You will be surprised to see confusion about spelling and correct use of grammar, even in basic sentences. Just ask a friend to pick for you five uncommon words and try spelling them out.


It was knowing how to write.

You have gone for the test and written all the answers confidently. But who'd tell you your writing follows what the examiner wants to see? You'll only know if your responses are made once the result is out, and then you won't be able to do anything to fix it. This is why it is crucial to have the support of a trained professional who can guide you about the mistakes you are making during the preparation phase.


Less Writing Practice

So, you are fluent in English and ready to take the IELTS exam. But when did you last write a 300-word or even a 200-word letter? Based on our interaction with students, many aspirants overestimate their English language skills and only realize their mistakes once the exam ends. So, for starters, write a 500-word essay or a blog to test your writing skills and ask an expert to review.


Time Management

So, you have aced the first two paragraphs in the reading part but are only left with a bit of time to give the same attention to the later parts. Well, this is what led to your overall low band. Candidates with preparation need to gain more knowledge of time value and often divide their attention unequally to all parts. A professional trainer helps you prepare under s strict time frame that allows you to finish all the details and give ample attention to each piece.



Just like you can't achieve the same results by exercising at home or going to the gym, the same goes for preparing for IELTS at home or taking the IELTS class by a qualified trainer. The gym's environment motivates a person to keep trying for more, along with other fitness freaks. You can get in shape more quickly after training at the gym rather than pushing for months at home. The same happens with IELTS preparation. You are more likely to lose focus and need more motivation and a competitive environment at home. At an academy like Amourion, you have a qualified trainer and a group of aspirants that are well on their journey to their journey pursue high score bands in IELTS.


We know what it takes to achieve a high band in IELTS and what makes even bright students score low. Connect with our team and utilize your chance to ace the IELTS without making any mistakes. For details, contact us at


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