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Growing Importance of GRE for Postgraduate Students

The Graduate Record Examination is one of the most widely accepted graduate admissions exams in the United States of America, and English-speaking countries that include Australia and Canada.
Each year, about half a million people with dreams of acquiring graduate education, or securing merit-based fellowship, take the tests which Robin L. Garrell, chemistry professor at the University of California Los Angeles, asserts will ‘provide insights into students’ general readiness and basic skills.’ 
GRE which assesses skills in the component areas of critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal and quantitative reasoning, is not only believed to measure applicants’ preparedness for graduate school, but their potential for academic success. While this assertion has stirred a debate in the academia, majority still consider GRE scores a critical component of the application, arguing that they are standardized tests for predicting an applicant’s likelihood of success in graduate education.
In UAE for instance where many colleges are branches of international universities operating American, Canadian, and British curricula, it is likely that colleges operating the American system, would include GRE scores as entry requirement. But this requirement varies across universities and programmes.
GRE is mandatory for most students aspiring for a Master degree (except Medicine) and even PhD in the U.S. Also, there are many who sit GRE primarily to attract sponsors for their programmes, because many fellowship sponsors insist on GRE scores. Another reason for the importance attached to GRE would be the high demand for certain specializations. 
A 2018 study of “Majors in Demand” by UAE Ministry of Education, showed IT and Engineering graduates (who sit GRE) in third rank, in terms of speed of employment by UAE employers.
GRE preparation in Dubai today is comprehensive and run by top-notch companies such Amourion Training Institute. Amourion provides on-site and online GRE preparation courses and GRE practice tests for potential graduate applicants. Amourion provides the best GRE training in Dubai for instance, features the most current methods of GRE instruction combined with convenience in terms of scheduling, as most applicants are from all stages of professional life, and would therefore require effective GRE coaching in the least possible time. This GRE General Training provides candidates with an overview of each component (GRE Verbal, GRE Quantitative, and Analytical Writing), and will enable them to develop the skills required to succeed in graduate and business school.


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