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5 preparation tips to ace SAT exam

There is no shortcut to success but planning well to appear in SAT exams can create a huge difference in the score.

There is no doubt that SAT is a challenging entrance exam that requires students to show their superior skills in English and math. Many students struggle to get ambitious scores to secure admission to their dream college. Here are some tested tips that have helped our most bright students secure high scores in SAT exams.

Understand the format

Before you pick up a pen and paper to start preparing, understand the structure of the exam. There are mainly three categories i.e. Reading, Writing & Language, and Mathematics. Understanding the format is crucial because it enables students to prepare according to their strengths and weaknesses. Some students find it rather easy to prepare for English but need more time to attempt the math part. Once you have familiarized yourself with the format, you know how much time and attention to focus on which part.

Be on a schedule

Preparing without a schedule is a mistake that many students commit. You must allocate ample time to read, revise, and attempt the practice test. Without a proper study schedule, chances are higher that you will get stuck between many activities. You must make a sleep schedule, college/school, lunch, and study time along with a small window for healthy activities such as a walk or jog to freshen up a little.

Rely on quality prep material

No matter how much effort you have poured in to score well on SAT but it all means nothing if you are not using quality preparation material. First of all, you should check the college website for SAT study guide. In case, if you don’t find enough source material there, you can also reach out to us at Amourion for quality preparation tips, tools, and source material. If your learnings are based on quality content, you are likely to pick correct answers without a doubt.

Practice, practice, practice

Once a great man said that practice makes a man perfect. No matter how repetitive this proverb may sound but it is quite true. Practicing to appear for SAT enables one to handle the time pressure. Based on our interaction with students, time management is the most ignored part of SAT preparation. To finish the exam well in time, you must start practicing before the test date. There are many practice tests online you could try to run a mock test. Moreover, you could also set a timer and keep an eye on your writing speed as well as problem-solving skills.

Be prepared!

When the big day is finally here, you need to get ready. But getting ready doesn’t only mean wearing clean clothes. You should also get enough sleep to feel fresh and mindful during the exam. No need to spend all night on revision and appear in the test with a tired and agitated mind. During the test, answer all those questions you know first. If you quickly fill out the questions you know, you will have more time to work on the confusing questions. If a question is taking longer than a minute, then leave it for the end and move to the next one. But make sure to attempt all those questions you know nothing about. Pick the answer that makes more sense to you. Leaving the questions unanswered will add nothing to your score but making educated guesses can increase the chances of securing high marks.

So, are you ready to start preparing for SAT exams? Reach out to us at Amourion for complete guidance about SAT exams and preparation materials. Our expert guidance is for beginners as well as other aspirants who wish to ace their SAT exams.

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