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How to Pass Your Interview Team Amourion presents remarkable two-Day Training

Dubai is known in the world for its trending job market that offers numerous opportunities to people from all over the world. If you are applying for a job in UAE, make sure to work extra on your CV and interview skills to stand out from a large pool of applicants. Even if some are lucky enough to get an interview offer, many struggle to clear the interview process due to a lack of preparation. This is exactly what motivates us to launch an exclusive 2-day Interview training in Dubai to help deserving candidates hone their interview skills and bag the job with confidence. Our training is based on a practical approach along with mock exercises to prepare candidates for what they could expect during the interview. Here is what our training is focused on;


Interview Skills

The first part of our training is preparing the candidates with exceptional interview skills. It includes preparing candidates with written, oral (verbal), non-verbal, and contextual communication. After acing the communication part, a mock exercise is to be conducted featuring an interviewer that will guide the candidates to become active listeners during the interview process.


Presentation Skills

The second part of the training is to lace the candidates with incredible presentation skills. It is focused on bringing out the best version of the candidate with professional dressing, choice of dress color, and appropriate accessories. Wearing appropriate and professional dress is important to cast a lasting impression on the interviewer.


Body Language

Body language has to play a critical role in presenting yourself as a composed and confident professional. You may not know that but interviewers also observe the body language of the candidates to ascertain if they could withstand pressure and challenges. Our training is focused on preparing the candidates to carry their confidence well throughout the process.


Salary Negotiations Skills

One of the biggest struggles for underconfident candidates is communicating their value to the interviewer. They either shy away from asking for a justified package or ask for an out-of-range salary. With mock exercises, we train the candidates to determine their salary range, communicate their value, and when to stop the negotiation process.


UAE Laws on Employment and work visa

Dubai attracts thousands of candidates from overseas. Sometimes it becomes difficult for foreigners to comprehend the UAE laws which lead to exploitation. We ensure our candidates know everything about the employment process, visa requirements, contract types, and so on.


How to Market Yourself

In the final part, we train our attendees to make the best use of resources like LinkedIn, Job Portals, connecting with consultants, ethics of sharing emails, and so on. This part of the training will enable the candidates to make themselves noticeable without looking desperate.

So, are you ready to maximize your prospects of getting great job offers in Dubai? Connect with us at [contact] to enroll in our training. Apart from Interview preparation training, we also offer other programs such as training for TOEFL, IELTS, MCAT, SAT, and UCAT training in Dubai, among others.


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