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For Emirati & Non-Emirati, EmSAT Training Just Got Better! Learn How

Whether you are an Emirati or Non-Emirati seeking to be admitted to any of the Universities or learning institutions in the UAE, EmSAT is a must! The Emirates SAT (EmSAT) is a set of standardized computer-based tests based on UAE national standards, and is aimed at evaluating students’ skills in select subjects such as: Mathematics, Arabic, English and Physical Sciences.

Why is EmSAT Important?
The quality of education system in the UAE is of great importance to decision makers and serves as a guide to support or formulate policy and development of individual students. It is important for students or anyone interested in EmSAT training to learn the importance of EmSAT from the Ministry of Education, and to understand how the UAE government monitors the quality of education, EmSAT programs & effectiveness of schools providing EmSAT classes.

Assess Your Eligibility with Amourion Training
Amourion Training Institute is a renowned EmSAT test preparation center in Dubai, and from the time of introduction of EmSAT test in 2017 the institute has been providing EmSAT courses and classes across the United Arab Emirates. With experienced EmSAT trainers and consultants, you can be sure of receiving training that guarantees you entry into any public or private learning institution of your choice through rigorous assessments that prepare you for EmSAT. Learn what test you should take:
EmSAT Achieve Test
EmSAT Advantage Test
Baseline Test

I am a 12 Grader, Can I Enroll?
Yes! As an Emirati or Expatriate Grade 12 student seeking to enroll in college and university, you can get help for test preparation from Amourion. In addition, our training courses in Dubai are designed to assist students at EmSAT levels 4 through 6 to 10 as they advance to their next levels of education. We adhere to strict policies and guidelines set out by the ministry of education (MOE) to ensure all our training are compliant (and take preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19), to protect every student at our training institute.

Learn More
As the leading EmSAT training institute and test preparation centre, we are dedicated to providing information that will enable schools and students to identify with specificity, areas of strength and weaknesses and help guide the direction of academic support required by each student. For more information, visit Amourion Training Institute to learn how we utilize international best practices and provide an education system focused on achieving the best standards of quality to UAE students. 


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