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SAT is back and how!

We know you are freaking out and so are we. After months of uncertainty looming over these standardized tests, we now have some clarity. College Board has done a phenomenal job in trying to get students to write the test in the most safe and secure environment. All the hard work we put in preparing for the test in the weeks gone by, will finally come to fruition. 

Now the questions that haunt are - Have you done enough practice? Do you remember all the grammar rules? You still remember ALL that Math? SAT should be named Stressful Aptitude Test, right?

Have no fear when Amourion is here! Here are some tips to have your ZEN mode ON before getting back on track.

Keep calm and face it: Yes, you heard us right. SAT prep had taken a backseat in the middle of this pandemic and now we need to buck up and start diligently with our practice. Start focusing on the weak areas and rectify the mistakes you have been doing.

Put a time table: We know, we know it feels like time tables are a waste of time. Just let Amourion Training Institute’s best SAT tutors help you curate a personalized study chart to follow and stick to everyday.

Refresher classes: If you have forgotten concepts, attend Amourion Training Institute’s Refresher classes at Sheikh Zayed Road so that you redo the essential components of the test. They have modular classes to help you revise all topics of SAT Math and SAT Verbal sections.

SAT Mock Tests: Take at least two mock tests at the office of Amourion Training Institute in Dubai, because they proctor it completely like the actual SAT exam and you will know the whole procedure better. The amazing part is they will call you in for individual test feedback sessions as well.

And what if you have not even started with the SAT preparation yet? It is never too late. You will have to begin from the beginning, take the complete SAT course and sit through the classes at the best training institute in Dubai. Learn the basics and then advance. Amourion Training Institute’s SAT tutors are well equipped to handle a student with limited knowledge of the test or training.

So, listen up! You will undergo training in such a way that there are going to be no surprises in the exam. You will exactly know how the SAT test is structured and be cognizant of the question types. Just hold your ground and keep your pencil moving on the test paper. We are sure you can ace the SAT, no pressure, but ACE IT!


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