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The Many Different Types of Career Assessments ...By Dr Anil Khare

Career assessors are tools that are intended to assist people know how various personal characteristics, influence their ability to achieve their occupational potential and happiness with various work environments and career choices. This is very important information to have available so that you can make informed decisions about what steps you will take to attain the level of success you desire. The process of career assessment is relatively straightforward and doesn't usually require the assistance of a career counselor or a mentor. Some basic elements of a good career assessment include questions that relate to the person's personality, attitudes, values, and interests. These elements will be examined in relation to their relevance to a chosen career path and the type of occupation or vocation that are identified as most beneficial.

Next, certain assessments will assess each area of strength or aptitude in regard to specific career goals. As career assessments are intended to aid in the determination of an individual's future success, they focus on certain skills or aptitudes that relate to the occupation of choice. For example, a business career assessment will typically examine business aptitude, interpersonal skills and a few other areas. A job aspirant will need to answer a series of questions in order to assess his/her aptitude or strengths in a particular field.

There are several types of career assessments available. Most career assessments provide basic tests on personality and values. However, some may also include a consideration of specific skills, aptitudes or preferences. In addition, some tests will focus on a specific occupational field.

Some career assessments will focus on personality. While others will concentrate on specific interests or personality styles. For example, some tests will ask the questions: "The extent to which you agree or disagree that working with people is enjoyable." While other tests will focus on interests and occupational fields.

Career assessments can be used to explore careers for purposes of planning and recruitment. They may also help applicants with their professional writing skills for purposes of preparing cover letters. Many applicants do not realize the importance of personality and how it relates to their work or other activities. Applicants who possess relevant and appropriate personality characteristics are more likely to be successful in their careers. In turn, employers usually rate the candidates on their personality in the same way. Therefore, career assessments provide valuable information that can help an employer determine the suitability of an applicant for a specific position.

Most career assessments are available in the form of self-tests or self-assessments. In these tests, you will simply have to answer a set of pre-determined questions that relate to the particular career interest. You may also be required to complete a work history or performance survey. The test results will provide insight into your personality and skills, as well as demonstrate your aptitude or skills for a particular career interest.

Strong Interest Inventory (SIT) is a popular type of career assessments, and it measures your strong interest in and support for particular occupations, work philosophies, ideas, or concepts. Strong interest inventory tests can be administered by yourself, by your school, or by a professional testing agency. In case of the latter option, most career tests come with a money-back guarantee if the results are unsatisfactory. It is a good idea to look for a reliable and reputable testing company.

Aptitude, or ability, tests measure your ability to do a particular job or task without requiring special training. These tests are also called IQ tests or intelligence tests. This type of career assessment is useful for determining whether you possess the required training or knowledge to perform a particular occupation. Career tests can also help you determine your strong potentials and areas for improvement, based on your results. There are many different types of aptitude tests available. However, it is a good idea to choose tests that match your personality, since they can become a valuable asset if used properly.


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