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Planning to Study, Work, or Live in the Middle East? Learn Arabic!

Learning Arabic takes hard work, dedication and time, but it is achievable. All you need is to make a decision based on the level you are in and knowledge of Arabic that you have.
But first: Why learn Arabic?
Stand out: Arabic is the preferred language in the Middle East. If you intend or plan to study and work in any of the countries of the Middle East, you have to learn Arabic language. This way, you are sure to be in a better way to communicate and express yourself (even as you look for work or you just intend to study) - and there are many training institutions such as Amourion Training Institute which provide Arabic courses in Dubai.
In the UAE, learning the Arabic Language is an advantage. Many jobs and employers prefer to hire people who can speak, read, and write Arabic – multiplying one’s chances of getting hired for that dream job in Dubai.
For beginners, our trainers are ready!
As a recognized Arabic training and language center in the UAE, Amourion trainers work hard to give the best of Arabic class in Dubai, for different areas of interest; depending on your current level (from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced Arabic lessons), and to impart knowledge about the Arabic vocabulary, speaking and conversational skills.
Amourion language institute offers free Arabic course materials with our trainers providing flexible time for study and better yet, the language institute is renowned for service excellence. The language course indicated on the Amourion Training Institute’s website requires 20 hours of training with a certificate issued on the completion of each level.
Can I enroll?
Of course, yes! From professionals to students to corporate organizations interested in Arabic learning in Dubai can enroll. Feel free to visit Amourion offices along Sheikh Zayed Road, with ease of access from the metro to inquire about how you can enroll. Amourion also provides Arabic training to schools in Dubai.
Need more information about Arabic learning at Amourion?
The institute is open from Saturday to Thursday. Just give a call and the standby support team will direct you to an Arabic language consultant who will guide you step by step on which speaking course or language level is right for you.


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