University List - UAE


UAE is a fast-growing section of the globe opening up to expatriates with its job opportunities that it offers to different nationalities and opening up to different cultures. Universities in UAE are becoming recognised in the globe attracting prospect student from around the world.

  • Accommodation - Campuses have well-built residential houses that the student may occupy while they attain their education with all the necessary resources such as WIFI, electricity and water.
  • Learn a new culture – UAE has become a place that welcomes different people from different nationalities. A student will get to learn about new cultures from various people that he or she will meet.
  • Health – Most UAE universities have health facilities for students and health club, students are encouraged to keep healthy through some campus gyms that are availed to the students and sports team.
  • Food – In UAE there is food for everyone. People of various cultures get their cultural food as it will be sold by different shops. As a student, it will be easy for one to get their cultural food.

Since UAE universities also have origins of other strong countries, education from those universities is globally recognized even degrees from the local universities are also recognized. Lessons are offered in English and Arabic to accommodate students from around the world. Local universities found in UAE are:

  • Zayed University (ZU)
  • United Arabic Emirates Universities (UAEU)
  • Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)




  • Education Counseling
  • Test Preparation Support
  • Admission Consulting
  • IVY League Admission
  • Transcript Services
  • IB Support
  • Soft Skills Development
  • 100+ Courses

  • 24x7 support for students
  • Service excellence
  • Direct contact with consultants
  • Free course materials
  • Education focused approach
  • Friendly and approachable staff
  • One-on-one Support

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