University List - France


France has a good reputation for culture, and levels of technology which has greatly impacted education. Many students have seen this and are attracted to the kind of life that France offers.

  • Most public universities in France are affordable as the government fund most of these universities and both the international and local students pay the same amount of tuition at the public universities. 
  • The French government also makes sure that it regulates the tuition of the public universities so that everyone affords tertiary education. 
  • France is one country that considers international students, as international students can also benefit from the certain grants and scholarships like the grants from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) and the Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus research programs among the other known.
  • It is projected that each university in France has an estimation of 10% population of international students who enrol for a graduate degree and master’s degree education. France's education is unknown to be a competitive education among other European countries. Universities in France are known for producing graduates with the best grades in Business and management studies around the world.
  • France is a home for many popular business schools. University education in France is measured in a license, Masters, and Doctorate. A license is equivalent to a degree and can be studied for 3years, Masters can be studied in 2 years and Doctorate is studied in years.




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