• STUDY IN Ireland

STUDY IN Ireland

Ireland is known for its excellent results in Economic Intelligence being the top country that offers the best education in the economics and technology.


  • International students can be offered different scholarships as well at the Irish universities to encourage them and help those who are in need. 
  • An international student can also be granted a 6 month or 12-month work permit after they are done with their studies to ensure that they get experience in their field and that is a bonus because the students will be highly recommended and preferred in other countries. 
  • Besides studying IT and Artificial Intelligence, Ireland is also known for producing great minds when it comes to the study of Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Business Management, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Medicine. 
  • Education is fully funded in Ireland especially the Masters' students studying Artificial intelligence who can get full cover scholarships.
  • Ireland is known for being a good destination for those who want to study IT, ICT and Artificial intelligence. This is caused by the fact that there are about nine global ICT companies including Google that have offices in Europe in Ireland. This opens opportunities for those in these fields of study. 
  • The government also monitors if the learning institutes are providing high-quality education through aboard named the Irish National Framework of qualifications. Ireland's degrees and Master are globally recognized and it is known that students are well catered for at the Ireland universities

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