• STUDY IN India


India is one place that has nurtured entrepreneurship and worked tirelessly to improve the technology. Universities in India lay emphasis on technology based innovations so that students can be future manufacturers.


  • India also offers education at the lowest amount among other countries. The cost of living may differ from place to place but it is generally reasonable. 
  • The other good thing about studying in India is that most universities have accommodation that is far the best affordable accommodation that one can find in the world.
  • Indian universities offer unique programs that may put one on the map after having attained a degree in courses like, Yoga, Hindi, and Sankrit.
  • There are various scholarships and loans for both local and international students.
  • India is a place where one can learn various cultures because the country is the seventh-largest population in the world, with languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, and Marathi among others.

India’s education is managed by three different bodies which consist of=

  • Ministry of Human Resources Development – (MHRD)
  • University Grant Commission – (UGC)
  • All India Council for Technical Education – (AICTE)
  • These bodies work to make sure that education is delivered to the students in more relevant and appropriate methods to suit the current status of technology.
  • Due to the high population, Indian universities avail tertiary education to more people through twinning with colleges because some students get admitted at colleges but they get university degrees.
  • Indian degrees are globally recognized especially the IT, ICT and Medicine degrees because students who study these in India, excel in these fields.

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