There are many universities across the world and they all claim to be offering the best education. This is of the decisions that a student has to make after considering many factors around him or her. This could be a discouraging process but with a qualified career guidance professional, this could be an easy step. At Amourion Training institute, we offer university selection services to aspiring college or university students. A student will need clarity on certain issues before they move to their desired college or university. 

At Amourion Training Institute we will give information on:

  • Accommodation and transportation matters
  • Tuition fee on different universities
  • The climate and locality conditions
  • The employment chances after attaining a degree at the university
  • Any services or department for international students when they get to university
  • According to the student's background information, we will weigh if the student is going to be able to adapt to the new environment.
  • Above all, will encourage them to choose according to the availability of funds and what they desire to study.

The A to Z of education and training -

Are you considering a study abroad plan for you or your kids? Let us ease your burdens and guide you through the process of choosing the right college, prepare for admission tests, complete the paperwork, acquire the visas, estimate the finances, and fulfill all other pre-departure procedures.