Admission Guidance

For one to be admitted at a university they need dedication and to be eloquent at stating what they want. Some universities may seem to be having a lot of requirements for one to be admitted to a university. Amourion Training Institution will take the student through that process and make it less stressful to apply for a placement at a chosen university.

Proficient Guidance: When a student gets to Amourion Training Institute, we know that they have great ambitions. Our trained counsellor will guide you through until you get to your desired university. Our counsellors are trained to listen and observe to deliver the best counselling according to different students.

Selecting universities and programs at different locations: At some time a student may be caught between choosing a country of their choice or a course to study. In most cases, a student wishes to study in one country but the course he or she wants is best offered in another country. Our professional counsellors will assess a student's ability, talents, and interest to give satisfying advice that will be suitable for the student. 

Standardised tests Preparation: Different programs and destinations need one to take a different international test. It is not everyone who will be required to sit for TOEFL, but some will be required to sit for MCAT tests depending on what the student wants to study. At Amourion Training Institute we do not expect every student to be aware of this and even if the student knows, our counsellors will explain to the students and give a picture of what the international test may require. 

Documentation: Each university has its requirements for documents needed for a student to be admitted. Amourion Training Institution will give you unprecedented support that will help with enrolment application. Amourion Training Institution will thoroughly check your documents and compile other necessary write ups needed for the application and see that all the required documents are collected before submission. 

The groundwork for interviews: it is not every day that someone gets interviewed. At Amourion Training institution, our dedicated counsellors teach students on how to present themselves when having an interview both physically and mentally through mock interviews. Our counsellors are also trained to boost students' confidence so that there will be able to present their fact well during the interviews. 

Visa: When a student gets to this stage, we know that he or she has handled a lot of application formalities and they have secured a place at their preferred university. However, this process may also need a few steps or formalities and certain documents. Our professional counsellors will help you by guiding you on the steps to take while applying for a visa.

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Are you considering a study abroad plan for you or your kids? Let us ease your burdens and guide you through the process of choosing the right college, prepare for admission tests, complete the paperwork, acquire the visas, estimate the finances, and fulfill all other pre-departure procedures.